7 Easy Steps to Clean an Acoustic Guitar

You’ve probably wondered so many times if the way I clean the guitar is a proper one. Though a simple process that doesn’t require any special skill, cleaning of this beautiful instrument could be tricky in some way. It is definitely a task that you can do by yourself, though […]

Epiphone DOT Review

Epiphone Dot In-depth Review

Once a highly-renowned name in the world of guitars, Epiphone is more like a Gibson’s sub-division in these days. There aren’t many original models left in production. A huge majority of the company’s current lineup are actually replicas of Gibson’s iconic models like Les Paul, SG, ES-335, Flying V etc. […]


Easy Guitar Amp Settings Guide

Do you have a guitar amp but you don’t have experience in its settings? Or have you purchase a guitar amp and need some guidance on the settings? Do you need to make your music very interesting with clear sound from the guitar amp setting? Then here is the right […]